Barbadian artist tackles social issues

Passionate about her Caribbean roots

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Bevan Springer

The creatively provocative Barbadian artist who has exhibited her work throughout the Caribbean and abroad for more than 20 years curated the art exhibition for the Caribbean Studies Association Annual Conference in Barbados back in May 2010.

Fiercely passionate about her Caribbean roots and culture, Davis uses her work to contribute to "an understanding of the shifting terrain in our minds and on our lands, through video, wall-based work, and installations."

She owns art management company Annalee Davis which manages her two artistic brands, Analee Davisand Manipura. Both brands provide a unique Caribbean experience through imagery and discussion of Caribbean society.

Annalee Davis is one of the six pilot projects currently being considered for Venture Capital investment by the Barbados Entrepreneurs' Venture Capital Fund. This fund is managed by Barbados Business Enterprise Corp,BBEC which promotes economic development in Barbados.

Annalee Davis' 'Just Beyond My Imagination' presents several countries of the Caribbean archipelago as sand traps locked into a sea of perfectly manicured green grass, no sign of water. The flag pole bears the ironic title of the work, making sarcastic reference to ways in which the region offers the best resources, but only to those who can afford it.

Photo: Annalee Davis. Inset: Hatchlings - A Requiem displays the 15-member CARICOM countries as insular national states, lying on a bed of the shredded Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

Photos courtesy Bevan Springer.

Bevan Springer is a native of Barbados who writes frequently about tourism and the Diaspora

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