Sacred Places

Doing the right thing

Some places should be left as nature intended. Once they're been 'developed' they're gone forever. inisghtful land owners in St. John realized the importance of preserving a sacred spot.

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Taino Ceremonial Place, Caguana, Puerto Rico. Courtesy Jim Kelley.

Feature Stories

World famous Pitons

They have been called majestic, towering, and awe-inspiring. And they are. But photos can 't capture the awe. You’ve got to view the Pitons in their natural habitat on the island of St. Lucia. Click for more.

Pleasures of the parks

The Parks of the U.S. and British Virgins Islands are a source of inspiration and exhilaration for all of us who need to get in touch with nature and ourselves. Click for more.

Maho and the muse

It’s been said we can always look to nature for the ultimate truth. How many writers, poets and visual artists have depended upon its inspiration? Click for more.

Blue Flag beauties

Beauty at the beach is more than skin deep. The Blue Flag program works towards sustainable development at beaches and marinas. Click for more.