St. Barts fresh seafood salad

Lobster, shrimp, land crab, kissd with citrus, make gracious greens.

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West Indian pumpkin soup

You can call it calabaza, but it's also known as tamalayota, ayote, auyama, zapallo or joko. By any name it's makes a savory soup.

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Stuffed mofongo

It's a Puerto Rican specialty, served alone or stuffed with chicken, beef or seafood. It is served both as a main meal and a side dish, and often shaped in a tower or rolled into a ball.

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Part One

Award winning chef Aaron Willis, owner of The Fishtrap Restaurant on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands prepares his signature red snapper with pineapple rum and coconut risotto.


Part Two

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Jugged rabbit ala Martinique

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Pina colada's sweet birth in Old San Juan

It's as quintessential to the Caribbean as the sun and the sea. And it’s traveled well beyond the islands to places like Alaska and even the Orient. But the roots of this simple but sweetly sublime imbibe began in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Click for more.

Puerto Rico's holiday nog

Coquito, a drink as delightful and festive as it sounds, is a Christmas holiday staple in Puerto Rico. Ingredients vary according to family traditions and tastes. Click for more.

Global gastronomy at InterContinental in San Juan

Seeing was believing and tasting made devotees of all of us, indulging in an Epicurean extravaganza at The InterContenental San Juan Resort and Casino. This global gastronomy was created from recipes in The InterContinental Kitchen cookbook. Click for more.