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Sunsets in Old San Juan

Every day is different, but the sunsets - in the absence of dark clouds - are usually sublime.

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St. Lucia's Pitons

They have been called majestic, towering, and awe-inspiring.. But photos alone won’t do it. You’ve got to view the Pitons in their natural habitat - the island of St. Lucia.

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Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is considered a cactus, though it climbs to sixty feet as a vine. It originates in the Caribbean and South America, and has spread into Asia.

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Maho and the muse

It’s been said we can always look to nature for the ultimate truth. How many writers, poets and visual artists have depended upon its inspiration?

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The sea's beautiful outlaw

Respected St. Thomas filmmaker Paul Cater Deaton has produced a documentary titled "Lionfish, The Beautiful Outlaw.” The deadly lionfish first appeared in Caribbean waters in the 1990s and quickly multiplied.

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Snorkle with a sea turtle in St. John.

Courtesy Jason St. John

Feature Stories

Our food shouldn't travel more than we do

Bite into a piece of fruit and think about its origin. What about tonight’s dinner? Do you know where it came from? Local farm produced roots, fruits and fresh caught fish are better for you and the environment too. Click for more.

Sunset party at Coconut Coast Studios

Art lovers converge for the weekly sunset party at Elaine Estern’s Coconut Coast Studios, near Frank Bay’s small stretch of sand. Click for more.

Snorkel St. John

Treat yourself to a magnificent mosaic of marine life. Snorkeling is sensational in St. John, one of the top snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. Click for more.

Herbal remedies

Herbal extracts are plentiful in the Caribbean, where the healing and restorative power of plants and nuts has been passed down for generations. Click for more.

Holidays from hurricanes

Hurricanes- or the desire to ward them off- have spawned two important holidays in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The fourth Monday in July is the day set aside to pray to the powers that be for protection from hurricanes. And every October Virgin Islanders celebrate Hurricane Thanksgiving Day, offering thanks for protection. Click for more.

A welcome and a weapon

The Pineapple is ripe with symbolism in the Caribbean with an exotic past. Click for more.

Try new fruits and roots

Everyone knows about Caribbean coconuts. Mango and papaya have a loyal following. This summer why not add more obscure fruits and roots like soursop and carambola or cassava to your diet? Click for more.

New dive experience in Montserrat

Extreme Marine Scuba, a dive operation registered in Montserrat, is now offering divers a three day underwater exploration of Montserrat's 13-mile coastline and an island and boat tour too. Click for more.

New technology enhances weather forecasting

The University of the Virgin Islands Center for Marine and Environmental Studies has introduced a new local weather reporting system. Click for more.

Parrots of the Caribbean

There are 353 species of parrots in the West Indies. Parrots are friendly and make good pets, but they can be fearful and feel the emotions of their surroundings Click for more.

Curacao's undiscovered beaches

Don’t be surprised that Curacao lovely urban environment also offers a variety of beach escapes, where you can laze and do nothing or snorkel and dive. Almost all Curacao beaches are scattered along the calm southwestern coast, where the waters are clear as glass. Click for more.

Be wary of greenwashing

In the book, Ecological Intelligence, author Daniel Goleman writes about “green washing.” It describes “ the selective display of one or two virtuous attributes of a product, meant to impart ecological friendliness.” Click for more.

St. Croix's natural treasure

Junie Bomba Allick, a native of St. Croix, has immortalized the region’s conch shell by combining its natural beauty with his inspired artistry. Click for more.

Treasures of the Sea

The University of the Virgin Islands has launched a series of video presentations featuring marine animals in their natural habitat with narration and original music composed by local artists. Click for more.

The cool of the coconut

Go almost anywhere here, and the coconuts will be nearby. Majestic coconut palms line many beaches and pathways, providing shade and a quintessential back drop for photos. Click for more.

Healthy for you and the planet

If every American skipped one meal of meat each week the reduction of carbon dioxide would be akin to taking more than a half-million cars off U.S. roads. Click for more.

Still pursuing peace in Vieques

Annexed to Puerto Rico in 1854, Vieques has a population of about 10,000. Residents still feel the pain from the past, while trying to create a future free from more exploitation. Click for more.

His brown thumb makes green gardens

Carlos Robles is known as the host of "Homegrown" on Virgin Islands Public television station WTJX–TV. Click for more.

Lumbering red footed

You could be fortunate to see the red footed tortoise out and about for the day. It doesn't do much but lumber along, scrounging for food. Click for more.

Region urged to prepare for natural disasters

Earthquakes occur without warning. Taking simple steps, such as reviewing earthquake safety tips and updating your home emergency plan, can be life-saving. Click for more.


Calabash is perhaps the most versatile fruit in the Caribbean. Wild Calabash grows along tropical canopies and you'll find cultivated calabash, in West Indian gardens bearing a more porous and larger fruit. Click for more.

Magnificent mangos!

The mango, known as the apple of the tropics, is the most widely consumed fruit in the world. Even festivals are held in its honor. Click for more.

Twilight Zone in St. Thomas

Recently discovered rare coral habitats in St. Thomas. These form in deep, dimly lit waters of the world in what is called the “Twilight Zone”. Click for more.