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Maura Curley

The more affluent among us seem to know how to use their resources wisely, without scrimping on “necessary indulgences.”

Perhaps this is why private residence clubs are the new rave even in a diminished economy.

Perhaps it IS the diminished economy, which has driven some people away from actually buying a second home to investing in fractional ownership - with all the amenities included..

Private residence clubs, an innovative but much more upscale off shoot of time sharing, is redefining the way affluent consumers choose a vacation home.

In the old days they would maybe scout for the perfect place to vacation and buy property outright, complete with all the home owner responsibilities they’ve grown accustomed with their main residence.

Now private residence clubs, (PRC’s) allow prospective second homeowners to share their costs with a few significant others, while enjoying flexibility of exchange for a similar upscale spot in a different locale.

But make no mistake this is not your traditional timeshare.

Clubs, such as The Ritz-Carlton Club in St. Thomas, offer luxury tier real estate, which combines the benefits of home ownership with services and amenities of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

They are designed for those who desire to own a second home in an exclusive destination, and the resources to afford it.

It’s like owing a piece of the Ritz, not just putting it on!

Deeded, fractional ownership known as “ home club membership” at The Ritz-Carlton Destianiton Club in St. Thomas offers owners and their guests an allocated number of days in prime season.

They are based on a rotating calendar, with a portion available for use at other Ritz-Carlton Club locations, if desired .

.Owners can also utilize additional time as available, and access benefits at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts worldwide.

Members of The Ritz-Carlton Club in St. Thomas, arrive for vacation with the kitchen fully stocked with their favorite foods, and even their family pictures displayed around the residence.

( They can also store their vacations gear on site , so they can travel light!)

Thirty oceanfront acres alongside Great Bay, The Ritz-Carlton Club, St. Thomas is punctuated with plantation-style buildings s on 15 acres of sloping beach front property.

Sharing the site is The Ritz-Carlton Resort with easy access to spa, dining, kid’s clubs, aquatics and a 53 foot catamarn for sails around the island.

And a personal club concierge makes certain all members are treated like a guests in their own home.

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