Living Large


They are the ultimate indulgence with flourishes that rival a New York City high rise. How about a glass elevator or gilded waterfall in the dining room?

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Own an island

No man may be an island- unless of course he owns one. Richard Branson and Johnnny Depp do, and you can too.Throughout the region, there are still perfect parcels for sale.

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's
gigayacht Octopus
Take a look at Octopus sailing in St. Lucia.
Video courtesy Lisa Pirece.

Feature Stories

Richard Branson's Moskito Island

Richard Branson paid a reported $19 million for the 125-acre Moskito Island, near his Balinese style resort on Necker Island. Now he wants to create another resort to showcase the best approach to green building. Click for more.

Beautiful St.Bart's

St. Barts is where the beautiful people live large. Singer Jimmy Buffett owns a house on the island. David Letterman and Steve Martin own property here too. Click for more.


Some of the most exquisite sail and motor yachts in the world are available for charter in the Caribbean. They range from restored classic yachts steeped in history, to state of the art motoryachts conceived by cutting edge designers. Click for more.