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Slow down dinners simply delicious

Virgin Island Sustainable Farm Institute serves up slow food dinners that nourish you and the environment.

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Sea breezes in St. John

Sheree and Scott York offer a sumblime sunset cruise aboard their catamaran calypso. You can unwind with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and let the day slip away.The genuinely friendly captain and crew enhance nature’s blessings.

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Add tropical fruits and roots

Everyone knows about Caribbean coconuts. Mango and papaya have a loyal following. This summer why not add more obscure fruits and roots like soursop and carambola or cassava to your diet?

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She helps transform lives

A little more than a decade ago, Janice Mathurin was sick, overweight and lethargic, at risk for diabetes. Now she is almost half her previous weight, healthy, and helping Virgin Islanders transform their lives.

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Hard times wine

Our economy still has many of us seeing red through our wine glasses. True, some wines retail for more than ten times the price of a gallon of gas, but there is no need to switch from wine to water. Check out these affordable gems.

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St. Maarten's soothing spas

Whatever you need or desire, there's a spa in St. Maarten waiting to nurture you.

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Island aphrodisiacs

Traditional foods for love, like oysters and chocolate, may make you warm and fuzzy. But to really turn the heart up, you might want to explore special potions from the cupids of the Caribbean.

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Consider meatless meals

A United Nations report called the meat industry “one of the top contributors to the world's serious environmental problems." If every person just skipped eating meat one meal a week, it would be the same as taking a half million cars off the roads in the U.S.

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Discover Itiba's all natural skincare and fragrances made in St. Croix. Maura Curley speaks with Yoki Hanley.

Feature Stories

Island breakfast means more than eggs

How about mackerel and bananas, roast breadfruit with salt fish or dumb bread with home made jam, washed down with bush tea? Click for more.

Pleasures of the parks

The Parks of the U.S. and British Virgins Islands are a source of inspiration and exhilaration for all of us who need to get in touch with nature and ourselves. Click for more.

St. John adventure offers an amazing read

Rae Ellen Lee shares her life in St. John, with its many surprises, which include her husband's realization that he was really a she. Click for more.

Our food shouldn't travel more than we do

Bite into a piece of fruit and think about its origin. What about tonight’s dinner? Do you know where it came from? Local farm produced roots, fruits and fresh caught fish are better for you and the environment too. Click for more.

Virgin Voice Publishing Page

Getting your story in print or in an e-book is easier and more affordable than ever. Books from independent publishing currently appear among The New York Times best sellers, earning substantial recognition and royalties for their authors. Click for more.

Miss Lucy's shines on

Restaurants come and go, but Miss Lucy’s on St. John’s south shore, has endured the test of island time. Click for more.

Sunset party at Coconut Coast Studios

Art lovers converge for the weekly sunset party at Elaine Estern’s Coconut Coast Studios, near Frank Bay’s small stretch of sand. Click for more.

Dazzling dining in St. John

Both visiting celebrities, and local residents flock to Alexandra Ewald’s tiny restaurant in the center of St. John’s Cruz Bay to experience the result of her creativity in the kitchen. Click for more.

Herbal remedies

Herbal extracts are plentiful in the Caribbean, where the healing and restorative power of plants and nuts has been passed down for generations. Click for more.

Cause for celebration

On these beautiful islands there is always a reason to toast a sublime sunset or breathtaking view. Tight budget? Don't spare the sparkle. Our friends in Spain and California offer delicious wines made in the “ Methode Champenoise.” Click for more.

Get away to Coral Bay

It’s the quieter side of St. John, where the goats really do roam - in herds by the side of the road. You’ll also find donkeys, sheep, chickens and unusually friendly people. Click for more.

Waving the wedding wand

Destination wedding expert Jacqueline Johnson strives to create an authentic island experience that’s a win-win for couples and the vendors who make dreams come true. Click for more.

Snorkel safety tips

It's exhilarating to dive into the cyan sea for a snorkel. A few precautions will make sure you stay safe, and enjoy your swim with the fish. Click for more.

Don't blame technology

How can laptop and blackberry driven life styles be turned into a harmonious marriage between technology and our health? Surprisingly, the technology component of our lifestyle can help balance our lives. Click for more.

Adventure in Jamaica

I’ve never felt the need to go looking for more excitement. But then Island Routes and Chukka Caribbean, purveyors of Caribbean adventure tours, offered a sampling of their smorgasbord of treats. Click for more.

Slow down fast

Most of us know that diet, exercise and relaxation make us feel and look more vibrant. But just once in a while isn't enough. We need to plan to relax every day. Click for more.

Save a sato

It ‘s fueled by love and outrage at a society that devalues animals. The Puerto Rico based Save a Sato organization is a grass roots, hands-on, initiative combating widespread abuse and neglect of dogs in Puerto Rico. Click for more.

Estate planning a gift to heirs

Don’t put off estate planning. It isn’t only for the wealthy. If you have some assets, you need to plan. Even if you don’t consider yourself wealthy, you should examine the value of your home, retirement accounts, and even life insurance benefits. Click for more.

Protect your great ideas

It is one thing to daydream about a great idea, like a new and better mousetrap that will make you millions, but quite another to turn it into a profitable venture. If you’re trying to license the rights you run the risk that some rat may steal your idea. Here are a few pointers to avoid being caught in your own snare. Click for more.

Social networking pays big dividends

The number advantages of SMM are generating exposure for businesses, increasing traffic and building new partnerships. Click for more.

Say I do with an island accent

Getting married in the Caribbean means much more than wonderful weather, sensational sand and sea. Think about adding some island accents to your celebration. Click for more.

St. Lucia's favorite sport

I’m not a spa junkie - not enough time or money. Yet I’ve had my share of treats from simple facials to deep tissue massage. But a visit to leSport in St. Lucia revealed a whole new planet of procedures for pampering. And the setting is out of this world. Click for more.

Never let them see you sweat

The sun may be sizzling, but you can still appear calm and in control. Cool clothing can help you beat the heat at summer festivals and other outside events. Click for more.