Island Spices & Sauces

Spice island treasures

Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, pimento and bay leaves are harvested in Grenada's fertile terrain. The island's production of nutmeg alone is the largest in the world.

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Feature Stories

Trinidad Charlie

Meet Charlie Deyalsingh also known at Trinidad Charlie, St.John's first condiment king who began developing his legendary hot sauces back in 1985. Click for more.

Miss Anna's hot pepper

Miss Anna’s Hot Pepper Sauce, an all-natural condiment created from a 100-year-old Crucian recipe has become a staple in St. Croix households and restaurants Click for more.

Her paradise is sweet and spicy

Some like it hot. Others like it hotter. Cheryl Miller caters to both, and also to those who want sweetness and spice in their life. Miller created A Taste of Paradise about a decade and a half ago in St. John. Click for more.

A spice for all seasons

Nutmeg is not a nut. It comes from a plant that bears fruits containing the nutmeg stone. When the fruits are broken open, a bright purple and red substance known as mace can be found. Grenada is the largest producer of nutmeg in the world. Click for more.