Island breakfast means more than eggs

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Start the day with new choices

Maura Curley

Fruit juice with a shot of Cruzan or Bacardi may be a breakfast of choice for some island visitors who party a little too heartily. I’ve known others to start the day creamily, with a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food or Cherry Garcia.

Breakfast is what it says - the meal to break our sleep imposed fast from the previous day.

And how we enjoy it is often entrenched in many habit forming choices.

If you’re morning mainstay is bacon and a three-egg omelet, or some fried on the sunny side, why not consider a more healthful – and delicious tropical breakfast?

How about fresh ripe papaya or mango, cubed into a salsa as a topping for yogurt or oatmeal, folded into a creative crepe or blended into a soothing smoothie? Or just coconut juice, enjoyed with a straw stuck into the coconut., straight from the tree ( No cans of Coco Lopez!).

Or you can take a trek back in time before fast food breakfast ‘sandwiches’ and sample what elder islanders often ate, when breakfast was memorable meal, rather than a quick chew on the run. Mackerel and bananas, roast breadfruit with salt fish, fried dumplings, fritters, dumb bread with home made jam, washed down with chocolate, bush and mint tea were popular, along with salt port, saltfish and a kallaloo and steamed fish, Another favorite was fired green plantains eaten with sardines, eggs or a salt fish salad and rice and beans.


Watch an Ital prepare a traditional Jamaican breakfast. courtesy PropheticProductionz.

You can still find vendors, restaurants and bakeries, selling Johnny cakes, salt fish pates, dumb bread and bush tea .

Embrace ingenuity and you can create a bright beginning to a new day.

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