Island aphrodisiacs

Food for love fills many needs

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Traditional foods for love, like oysters and chocolate, may make you warm and fuzzy. But to really turn the heart up, you might want to explore special potions from the cupids of the Caribbean.

Island favorites includes sea moss, a natural seaweed found in the Caribbean. It is dried, pulverized and sold either as a liquid or jelly. Seamoss is most often consumed as a drink, either straight up or mixed in a variety of punches. It’s especially popular during carnival celebrations.

Cow cod soup, a Jamaican aphrodisiac, includes bananas, pepper and white rum.

The Bois Bandé tree in St. Lucia is used to produce a potent liqueur. The bark, sold in the Castries Market makes a "special" tea.

In the Dominican Republic, lovers swear by of mamajuana, a rum based beverage with serene and spicy herbs.

Photo: The fixins for a batch of Bois Bande courtesy recettes-antillaise.

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