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One woman's war against childhood obesity

A little more than a decade ago Janice Mathurin was sick, overweight and lethargic, at risk for diabetes. Now she is almost half her previous weight, healthy, and helping Virgin Islanders, transform their lives.

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Herbal remedies

Herbal extracts are plentiful in the Caribbean, where the healing and restorative power of plants and nuts has been passed down for generations.

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Feature Stories

Beyond beauty at Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea Clinic has long been famous for its aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Now it has added state of the science physical therapy to its services. Click for more.

The healing touch

Ancient Egyptians understood the power of anointing the body with oils. Now modern science offers products and procedures to sooth the soul and turn back the ravages of time. The best are in the Caribbean. Click for more.

Slow down fast

Most of us know that diet, exercise and relaxation make us feel and look more vibrant. But just once in a while isn't enough. We need to plan to relax every day. Click for more.

Bringing beauty back home

St Croix Plastic Surgery and MediSpa offers state of the art services from an internationally respected surgeon. Click for more.

Healthy for you and the planet

If every American skipped one meal of meat each week the reduction of carbon dioxide would be akin to taking more than a half-million cars off U.S. roads. Click for more.

Scare yourself stress-less

Stress not only kills, but it also ages you more than any other known element. During stressful periods you produce higher levels of cortisol, which interferes with hormones, immune system and brain and nerve function. Click for more.

St. Maarten's soothing spas

Need to detoxify? Worried about looking tired? Or do you just need to get rid of that pain in the neck? Whatever your face or body needs, thre’s a spa in St. Maarten waiting to welcome you. Click for more.