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Lucia Henley's sweet treats

Forget boxed candy and cakes. Lucia Henley’s hand made West Indian candies, cakes, tarts, stews and liqueurs possess native sweetness and spice.

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Consider meatless meals

Eating more vegetables and fruit and less meat is good for you and the planet.

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Global gastronomy in San Juan

Seeing was believing and tasting made devotees of all of us, indulging in an Epicurean extravaganza at The InterContenental San Juan Resort and Casino. This global gastronomy was created from recipes in The InterContinental Kitchen cookbook.

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Contemporary Caribbean Cuisine

It's about much more than just cooking with local fruits and roots. Savvy chefs, inspired by native dishes, are employing classic culinary techniques to take Caribbean cooking to a whole new level of sophistication- and appreciation.

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A plate from Bananakeet Cafe in Tortola. photo by D.B. Bostdorf


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Trinidad and Tobago's street foods

You'll find Afircan and East Indian influences in delicious, spicy and sweet dishes everywhere. But the best way to sample Trinidad and Tobago's native cuisine is on the street or at the beach.

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Chef Aaron Willis talks about The Seafood Market at The Fishtrap Restaurant in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Feature Stories

Our food shouldn't travel more than we do

Bite into a piece of fruit and think about its origin. What about tonight’s dinner? Do you know where it came from? Local farm produced roots, fruits and fresh caught fish are better for you and the environment too. Click for more.

A vegan deli delights

Nature’s way, a vegan deli offers a welcome respite from unhealthy island indulgences. A savvy selection of salads, sandwiches and wraps proves that good for you can also taste terrific. Click for more.

Aaron Willis still dazzling diners in St.John

St. John's most beloved chef continues to thrill guests at his landmark restaurant in Cruz Bay. Click for more.

Thrill of the grill

Uncle Joe's BBQ, a legend in the center of St. John's Cruz Bay, always has a cloud of sweet scented smoke near its entrance. Joe Harrigan, a native of Anguilla, serves up delectable ribs, chicken and steak. Click for more.

The Miss Lucy's experience

You won’t find any restaurant more island authentic than Miss Lucy’s in Friis Bay, just outside St. John’s Coral Bay. I dined at Miss Lucy's my first day in St. John. That was over 13 years ago, and it keeps getting better. Click for more.

Blended, shaken and stirred

No two are the same- bartenders or drinks. Cocktails in the Caribbean are more creative than ever. And the new 'bar chefs' have more passion for their profession. Click for more.

I never met a Benziger I didn't like

The Benziger wineries Sonoma Mountain Estate was the first in Napa and Sonoma to be certified biodynamic. Mike Benziger, the winery’s founder, came up with the concept of “Farming for Flavors.” Click for more.

New wave wines

If you’re longing for more than a safe chardonnay or a romantic red, consider the up and coming wines from New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Australia and Argentina. Click for more.

Westin St. Maarten appoints new executive chef

The Westin St. Maarten Resort & Spa has added notable veteran, executive chef Robert W. Reed to its culinary team. Click for more.

Try some hard times wine

Our economy has many of us seeing red through our wine glasses. True, some wines retail for more than ten times the price of a gallon of gas, but there is no need to switch from wine to water. Check out these affordable suggestions from our wine expert Eric Toles. Click for more.

Healthy for you and the planet

If every American skipped one meal of meat each week the reduction of carbon dioxide would be akin to taking more than a half-million cars off U.S. roads. Click for more.

The dish on St. Maarten

St. Maarten offers gastronomy from around the globe, along with its own island specialties. Check out these favorites spots. Click for more.

Best restaurants in the Virgin Islands

Some offer a few takes on native street foods, others elegant new Caribbean cuisine, with plenty of dining in between. Click for more.

Wines from middle earth

Many of the world’s wine drinkers have not yet savored the piercingly crystalline flavors and bracing acidity of wines from New Zealand. But those who have tasted have fallen madly in love with them. Click for more.

Magnificent mangos!

The mango, known as the apple of the tropics, is the most widely consumed fruit in the world. Even festivals are held in its honor. Click for more.

Terrific in Tortola

Just three minutes from the famed Cane Garden Bay beach, Heritage Inn in Tortola offers a private getaway with food to match its fabulous view. Click for more.

A West Indian buffet

Carambola Beach Resort and Spa, on St. Croix’s north shore, offers extraordinary buffets. The resort’s year round Friday night Pirate’s Buffet, featuring native dishes, has become almost as legendary as Blackbeard. Click for more.

Global gastronomy at InterContinental in San Juan

Seeing was believing and tasting made devotees of all of us, indulging in an Epicurean extravaganza at The InterContenental San Juan Resort and Casino. This global gastronomy was created from recipes in The InterContinental Kitchen cookbook. Click for more.