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Region urged to prepare

Unlike hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes occur without warning. Taking simple steps, such as reviewing earthquake safety tips and updating your home emergency plan, can be life-saving.

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SBA offers on line courses

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers online training access contracting opportunities for small businesses, including those owned by women, minorities, disadvantaged individuals and veterans.

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He brings global expertise to Virgin Islands

He’s savvy, smart, and most important, a straight shooter, who can communicate the complexities of government programs. D. Jerry Garcia, who grew up in St. Croix, has been around Washington and the world. Now he’s back home.

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Feature Stories

A new model for public and private partnerships

The recent global recession and a new flatter 21st century have forced governments and private sectors to review their traditional roles. Click for more.

Virgin Island residents play key tourism roles

The U.S. Virgin Islands is assuming a more visible role in regional tourism, with the election of two Virgin Islanders to prominent posts in Caribbean tourism. Click for more.

Schedule a check up for your business

Periodic “business checkups” can help small businesses anticipate,and guard against, legal liabilities, and excessive costs. Click for more.

Trinidad and Tobago tackling tourism

Trinidad and Tobago is poised to develop into one of the Caribbean’s most viable business tourism destinations. New hotels offer all the amenities business travelers need and expect. Click for more.

SBA launches You Tube channel

The U.S. Small Business Administration has begun posting informational videos on YouTube as it joins an increasing trend within the federal government to reach a larger audience. Click for more.

Quality of life best in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands landed at the top of the list for the region’s best quality of life, according to a report “Caribbean & Central American Countries of the Future" Click for more.

SBA awards U.S. Virgins Step Grant

The U.S. Small Business Administration has awarded the Virgin Islands a State Trade and Export Promotion grant in the amount of $489,646 to strengthen its relations with foreign markets. Click for more.