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Inspired by Crucian culture and the Caribbean sea

Junie Bomba Allick, a native of St. Croix, has immortalized the region’s conch shell by combining its natural beauty with his inspired artistry.

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Barbadian artist true to roots

Barbadian artist Annalee Davis, who has exhibited her work throughout the Caribbean and abroad for more than 20 years, remains passionate about her Caribbean roots.

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Native arts in Old San Juan

If you walk quickly on Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan you may miss what appears to be a small storefront. It is actually two floors of gallery space brimming with fine art and crafts, native to Puerto Rico.

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"The Caribbean Writer" publishes silver edition

"The Caribbean Writer", an international literary journal published annually by the University of the Virgin Islands, which includes works from Caribbean writers of many genres, has just published its 25th edition. This silver anniversary issue focuses on the Haiti.

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Magic of mocko jumbies

It couldn't be carnival without them. The fanciful figures, which loom high above the crowd dancing in defiance of evil, are rooted deep in local culture.

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Dancing the bamboula

The Bamboula, an African dance, music and drumming tradition is a dramatic expression of rebellion and determination.

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Don Quixote of Old San Juan

Ricardo Alegria, a native of Old San Juan, was the Don Quixote of the Old City, who saved the crumbling seven blocks from destruction in the 1950s. He recalls pleading with the bishop to spare a former convent, now the historic Hotel El Convento.

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Dancing in Curacao


Island aphrodisiacs

Traditional foods for love, like oysters and chocolate, may make you warm and fuzzy. But to really turn the heart up, you might want to explore special potions from the cupids of the Caribbean. Click for more.

Dominica keeps culture alive

Dominica received its independence from Britain in November 1978. Every year, the country commemorates with a season of special activities designed to keep the cultural alive. Click for more.

Look beyond the sun and rum

Caribbean island countries are brimming with pleasures and treasures you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. They comprise a colorful multi-cultural kaleidoscope pulsating with magic and majesty. Click for more.

Authentically island made

Locally produced art, jewelery, handicrafts and food are a better buy. Don’t settle for less than investing in island made, your true Caribbean treasure! Click for more.

Educator and fungi master

Elmore Stoutt, spent 46 years in education and is credited with making massive improvements. He is also an engaging entertainer and known as one of the islands' most intriguing fungi masters. Click for more.

Cultural and heritage tourism in St. Croix

CHANT, a local not for profit organization on the island, is sharing St. Croix’s abundance with visitors who want a healthy dose of culture, history and authenticity, served with their sun and sand. Click for more.

The zemi inspired art of Roy Lawaetz

Roy Lawaetz, a native of St. Croix, has put the Virgin Islands on the global map by exhibiting his paintings at prestigious art events around the world. Click for more.

St. John Festival

St. John's annual summer festival is one of three carnival celebrations in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and arguably the hottest, if not the biggest cause to party hearty. Click for more.

Calypso cool

Calypso music shines during carnival time. Calypso often involves satirical social commentary, focusing on politics and people Click for more.

Papa Bois

Papa Bois, a Trinidad folk hero, lives in the forest and protects the animals. He gets animals out of snares and treats sick animals at his dwelling. Click for more.

A Rasta day

We can embrace positive concepts from Jamaica's Rastafarians, which can improve our planet and ourselves. Click for more.

Sweetness and spice in the Virgin Islands

Forget boxed candy and cakes. Lucia Henley’s hand made West Indian candies, cakes, tarts, stews and liqueurs possess native sweetness and spice. Click for more.

Investing in her culture

She’s traveled around the world and is now back home, promoting Virgin Islands crafts and culture in Frederiksted St. Croix. Click for more.

Music, mas and more

It is an exhilarating experience,which engages all the senses. A Caribbean carnival has the allure of the Academy Awards, and almost as much preparation. Click for more.

Zouk in Guadeloupe

Zouk music, which originated in Guadeloupe, and Martinique has an mistakable rythmn. Zouk means "party," and it will make anyone feel festive. Click for more.

Museum Association of the Caribbean

The Museums Association of the Caribbean (MAC) was founded to bring island cultures, museums professionals, and the public together. Click for more.

Visit these museums in the Caribbean

They are the guardians of Caribbean culture, providing information and inspiration to each generation. You'll find arts, architecture, natural and nautical history and much more. Click for more.

Creating cuatros from island wood

Hand selected pieces of wood are transformed into wonderfully tuned instruments in St. Croix. Rachel Woodruff glues and sands some pieces that are not much heavier than a feather. Click for more.

Love THIS music

The Caribbean Tourism Organization Foundation, and the U.S. based Ryff Music, have partnered to create "Love the Music" a CD compilation that promotes Caribbean culture through music and spoken word. Click for more.