Cultural and heritage tourism in St. Croix

CHANT celebrates Crucian authenticity

Maura Curley

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It’s known as the big island because it is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. But St. Croix’s claim to fame is really its incredibly rich cultural heritage, and largely unspoiled natural environment.

CHANT, a local not for profit organization on the island, is working to share St. Croix’s abundance with visitors who want a healthy dose of culture history and authenticity, served with their sun and sand. An acronym for Crucian heritage and natural tourism, CHANT, founded in 1999, has been a pioneer in the promotion of cultural heritage and eco tourism as a vehicle for sustainable development.

It is creating new partnerships, which promise to distinguish St. Croix’s tourism and make it a model for other islands. CHANT has conducted historical tour guide training programs, taught by St. Croix historian Wayne James, which resulted in residents being certified as tour guides.The guides conduct historic walking tours for cruise ship passengers and other visitors. Frandell Gerard, who became the organization’s new executive director in 2008 says CHANT is helping to develop and maintain a high level of authenticity in St. Croix by working closely with existing heritage and nature tourism product providers.

She hopes to engage more local artists and artisans and the business community in the tourism industry, noting that St. Croix has” all the elements to be a unique port of call.

For more information call CHANT at 340-719-5455 or visit CHANT website here.

Virgin voices photo of trumpet plant in St. Croix's St. George Botanical Gardens by D.B. Bostdorf


The Heritage & Architecture of St.Croix: A CHANT Walking Tour. Video by award winning SFilm Group courtesy CHANT.

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