Capilla del Cristo

Miracles in Old San Juan

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Ella Laloba

Known as “ the miracle shrine” Capilla Del Cristo was built in Old San Juan to commemorate what legend alleges was a miracle. In 1753 a young rider lost control of his horse, while racing it on Calle Cristo during a fiesta. Horse and rider plunged over the precipice. The horse was killed, but the rider was miraculously unharmed.

Today the small chapel with an ornate alter of silver and gold, at the end of the posh shopping street, is a landmark in Old San Juan. Visitors of faith often make a pilgrimage to the chapel in hopes of being granted an answer to their prayers. The interior is dramatic, but the exterior alone is worth a trip to the Old City.

Staffed with volunteers admittance inside is Tuesday or during special celebrations.

Ella La Loba works on Calle Cristo in Old San Juan.

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