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Attitude is everything

You may be a stunner. Or you might have more than a few physical imperfections. But attitude is all, when it comes to how you’re perceived. Looks alone don’t do it. Standing tall and proud -even if you’re not- and a sincere “ I love life “ smile create the whole pretty picture.

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Discover Itiba's all natural skincare and fragrances made in St. Croix. Maura Curley speaks with Yoki Hanley.

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Delight in the details

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The healing touch

Ancient Egyptians understood the power of anointing the body with oils. Now modern science offers products and procedures to sooth the soul and turn back the ravages of time. The best are in the Caribbean. Click for more.

Scare yourself stress-less

Stress not only kills, but it also ages you more than any other known element. During stressful periods you produce higher levels of cortisol, which interferes with hormones, immune system and brain and nerve function. Click for more.

St. Maarten's soothing spas

Need to detoxify? Worried about looking tired? Or do you just need to get rid of that pain in the neck? Whatever your face or body needs, thre’s a spa in St. Maarten waiting to welcome you. Click for more.

Never let them see you sweat

The sun may be sizzling, but you can still appear calm and in control. Cool clothing can help you beat the heat at summer festivals and other outside events. Click for more.