Bars & Specialty Drinks

Blended, shaken and stirred

No two are the same. Bartenders or drinks. Cocktails in the Caribbean are more creative than ever. And the new 'bar chefs' have more passion for their profession.

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Feature Stories

Soothin it at Soggy Dollar

There is no dock to tie up, so you must swim or dinghy in. The bar got its name because many boaters swim to shore and pay for their libations with soggy dollars. Click for more.

After dark in St. Maarten

The island offers a heady blend of European sophistication and Caribbean cool. And it’s most apparent, after the sun goes down, when captivating casinos, dazzling discos and creative cafes come alive. Click for more.

Pina colada's sweet birth in Old San Juan

It's as quintessential to the Caribbean as the sun and the sea. And it’s traveled well beyond the islands to places like Alaska and even the Orient. But the roots of this simple but sweetly sublime imbibe began in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Click for more.

Mooies makes it happen

You won’t find any frou frou drinks with cute umbrellas or a view of sand or surf. But Mooie’s, a local watering hole for over fifty years, still reflects the authentic St. John. Click for more.

Puerto Rico's holiday nog

Coquito, a drink as delightful and festive as it sounds, is a Christmas holiday staple in Puerto Rico. Ingredients vary according to family traditions and tastes. Click for more.

St.Maarten's sweetest export

Guavaberry has long been the legendary liqueur of Saint Maarten, where residents have made it for hundreds of years. The exotic elixir has a spicy, bitter-sweet flavor. Click for more.