Award Winning Wine Lists

Wines from middle earth

Many of the world’s wine drinkers have not yet savored the piercingly crystalline flavors and bracing acidity of wines from New Zealand. But those who have tasted have fallen madly in love with them, as I have.

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Feature Stories

Cause for celebration

On these beautiful islands there is always a reason to toast a sublime sunset or breathtaking view. Tight budget? Don't spare the sparkle. Our friends in Spain and California offer delicious wines made in the “ Methode Champenoise.” Click for more.

I never met a Benziger I didn't like

The Benziger wineries Sonoma Mountain Estate was the first in Napa and Sonoma to be certified biodynamic. Mike Benziger, the winery’s founder, came up with the concept of “Farming for Flavors.” Click for more.

New wave wines

If you’re longing for more than a safe chardonnay or a romantic red, consider the up and coming wines from New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Australia and Argentina. Click for more.

Try some hard times wine

Our economy has many of us seeing red through our wine glasses. True, some wines retail for more than ten times the price of a gallon of gas, but there is no need to switch from wine to water. Check out these affordable suggestions from our wine expert Eric Toles. Click for more.