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KCG's art centric branding

“It’s not a traditional advertising agency,” says Krieger, explaining that KCG is more encompassing. The agency offers all the elements of a full service ad agency, while providing the enhancement of fine art acquisitions and commissions.

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Zemi-inspired images of Roy Lawaetz

Roy Lawaetz, a native of St. Croix, has put the Virgin Islands on the global map by exhibiting his paintings at prestigious art events around the world.

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Hawks Nest by Claire Wilkinson

Art in the Virgin Islands

Native, local and visiting artists have created a terrific treasure trove of art in the Virgin Islands. Check out these links to some of the most notable galleries, and established and emerging artists.

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Magaly Perez Ohika

Magaly Perez Ohika creates from a place, where she says she can dream, explore, play, shout, build, love, destroy, run, deny, remember, accept, let go, and confront. The results are striking images of color, form and fantasy, which reflect her education and life experience.

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Sculptured conch photo by Denise Bennerson, PhD.'

Feature stories

Barbadian artist tackles social issues

Barbadian artist Annalee Davis, who has exhibited her work throughout the Caribbean and abroad for more than 20 years, remains passionate about her Caribbean roots. Click for more.

Authentically island made

Locally produced art, jewelery, handicrafts and food are a better buy. Don’t settle for less than investing in island made, your true Caribbean treasure! Click for more.

St. Croix's natural treasure

Junie Bomba Allick, a native of St. Croix, has immortalized the region’s conch shell by combining its natural beauty with his inspired artistry. Click for more.

St. John Film focuses on local interests

St. John filmmaker and visual artist Andrea Leland believes in the power of film to enlighten, inspire and make a difference in people’s lives. This led her to found St. John Film which she continues to nurture. Click for more.

San Juan's showcase for native arts

If you walk quickly on Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan you may miss two floors of gallery space brimming with fine art and crafts, native to Puerto Rico. Click for more.

Buy made in the Caribbean

The Caribbean boasts a richness of island authentic arts, crafts, music and food. Don't settle for second rate "souvenirs" made in other parts of the world. Click for more.

Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts

Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts Inc. is on its way to becoming a respected repository for Caribbean Art and a Mecca for artist education and collaboration. Click for more.

Woodworkers showcase nature's best

The Woodworkers Expo raised the bar for woodworking in the Virgin Islands with recent exhibits in St. Thomas and St. John, which featured works from woodworkers in St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. Click for more.

Intuitive art

Haiti's intuitive art is gaining international appreciation, after centuries of being considered "primative". Click for more.

An artist for all seasons

He sees the natural world as images to draw, sculpt and paint. And he expresses his views of people and politics with his satirical pen. Click for more.