Sustainable farming

Virgin Island Sustainable Farm Institute integrates sustainability in education, environment, and community. The farm annually grows about 13 tons of tomatoes, ten tons of cucumbers, and 5,000 pounds of corn.

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Feature Stories

Our food shouldn't travel more than we do

Bite into a piece of fruit and think about its origin. What about tonight’s dinner? Do you know where it came from? Local farm produced roots, fruits and fresh caught fish are better for you and the environment too. Click for more.

The buzz about bees

It’s a sweet mission, especially for Francis Jackman, who is thought to have honey flowing through his veins. Click for more.

Sustainable farming in St. Croix

Virgin Island Sustainable Farm Institute serves up slow food dinners that nourish you and the environment. Click for more.

His brown thumb makes green gardens

Carlos Robles is known as the host of "Homegrown" on Virgin Islands Public television station WTJX–TV. Click for more.

Grenada's gold

Agricultural has always been golden in Grenada. Its rich fertile soil has produced sugar cane for rum for hundreds of years. Drive through the parishes and you still see stalks of the sweet crop blowing in the breeze. Today nutmeg, allspice, clove, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, turmeric and thyme are all grown in Grenada. Click for more.