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Washington insider brings expertise back home to St. Croix

ARCHIVE- Pubished in 2007

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Maura Curley

He’s savvy, smart, and most important, a straight shooter, who can communicate the complexities of government programs.

D. Jerry Garcia, who grew up in St. Croix, has been around Washington and the world.

Now he’s back home.

Garcia assumed the role of marketing director for Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority. (VIEDA), becoming the face of an authority in transition.

VIEDA is a semi-autonomous government entity, responsible for economic development in the Virgin Islands. Five major component include the Industrial Park Development Corporation, Economic Development Commission (EDC), the Government Development Bank, Small Business Development Agency and the Enterprise Zone.

It’s been sometimes difficult for citizens to understand this bureaucracy’s benefits. But Garcia wants to change that, and is bringing his education and expertise to the task.

After doing graduate work at University of Düsseldorf, Garcia was a consultant for the European division of Proudfoot Consulting. American Express, and British Aerospace were among his clients. He returned to St. Croix, where he was executive director of the St. Croix Chamber of Commerce from 1989 through 1992.

Since then Garcia, who has a working grasp of about five languages, has headed his own marketing agency with clients in Europe, the Caribbean and the United states. He also worked as a special aid to President Clinton’s advisory committee on human radiation experiments, reporting directly to the president. He still has a house on Capitol Hill.

Despite the current economic climate, Garcia is optimistic about the prospects for recovery, and is helping position the Virgin Islands for thoughtful growth.

”I want to make sure about two things,” he says, “that local citizens understand what the Economic Development Authority means to the Virgin Islands, and that outsiders know we exist

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