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Pineapples of purpose

Benjamin Boone

thumb: p14pineappleplantgreatw Pineapples offer much more than exotic accents to Caribbean cooking. They can be useful in many ways— and are utilized in textiles and medicine. The fibrous husk around them is often woven into clothing or fermented therapeutic wine popular in the Orient.

The fruit, peel or juice is also used in folk remedies. During expeditions tions to China .and the West Indies in the 16th century pineapples were eaten to prevent scurvy

Several kinds of pineapple, include the Kona, Natol Queen, Red Spanish and Perambuco. All take about 18 months to mature and flower shoots that reach up to five feet tall .A single pineapple is the fruit of about 100 small flowers.

Pineapples were brought to the Caribbean by Amerindians. It’s been written that Christopher Columbus discovered pineapples in Guadeloupe in 1493.Those cultivated in the Caribbean are smaller than those found in Hawaii, but they are more flavorful.

A dream about pineapple is thought to mean a great success or imminent love.

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. Strangely, though the word is military slang for a hand grenade.

Benjamin Boone writes about nature and folklore for virginvoices.com

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